There are are small and big accommodations, and cheap and expensive ones. But we list the ones we think suit best for a nice and quiet place, but also where you can be sure there is a safe place to store your bike. Nevertheless, always tell your host you will store bikes in your accommodation.

We have divided our tips in four groups:

Cheap, clean and basic but friendly hotels:

Hotel Morales 1*

Hotel Virgen de los Reyes 2**

Hotel Molino 3***

Moderate price, clean and a very good price/quality:

¨BIKE-Friendly¨ Hotel San Francisco 2*

Hotel el Cortijo 3*** (Especially ideal for MTB-ERS)

Hotel El Tajo 3***

Hotel Acinipo 4****

More expensive, and (mostly) with good restaurant:

Hotel San Gabriel 4****

Hotel Catalonia Reina Victoria 4****

Hotel Sevilla 4****

Hotel Enfrente Arte 3***

Hotel alavera de los baños 1*

Finca La Guzmana B&B

There are also some nice B&B´s and apartments (mostly all in the old town) like:

B&B Boabdil

Apartments Exclusivo Ronda

Apartments-Rooms La Ciudad

Apartments La Colegiata

Camping-Bungalows El Sur

What also many cyclists asked us was about good places to eat. Of course this is also a very important part of our cycling holidays. This is just a small list of a very big group where you are sure you get a Cyclists’ menu:

Italian restaurant La Vita es Bella

Restaurant Almocábar


Restaurant Las Maravillas

Restaurant Carmen La de Ronda

Bodega La Verdad/Restaurant Hermanos Macias