Maps and Accessories

As we are an outdoor sporting company we like to offer information together with our bike rental to anyone who requires maps and routes, of our serviced area, as well as provide official maps. But also bike tools and accessories are part of a good preparation for a bike trip.
Although you might have an idea where to go on your bike, we really like to help you finding the nicest loops. But also how to get out of town, for which we include a special city map! Once out of town it’s very easy to find your way around. Just follow the road sign to the next villages.

There is a set of maps which cover all possible rides around Ronda.
There are several maps covering different areas if you’ like to make a round trip for more days, a week or even two weeks!
These maps are all included in your bike rental, so no real need to buy big maps (waste of paper).
Then we also sell an official road map scale 1.200.000 that covers nearly whole Andalusia for people who really like maps but also if you travel further after your cycling holiday.

All tools and accessories we offer are all chosen because of their functionality and quality.