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Bike Hire from Cycleronda

On this page we will explain what bikes you can rent, how to rent one and other things where you should think of.

You can rent from just the bike, to the bike including other, optional accessories. Therefore we have prepared an overview with the possibility to include whatever you need (see below under packages). We also offer free maps with route suggestions with each bike rental. For cyclists with a GPS device we even have GPX files.

Note that many tools and accessories are already included in your bike rental! So no need to bring all those parts along.
Check out some other, nice accessories which might be helpful and practical in your bike holiday.

Important note about Shoe Clips: The best and safest way to use clipless pedals is to bring your own shoes ánd pedals. In case you can’t bring those, you could rent a set.

Why hire with us
We supply a huge variety of bicycles and accessories, detailed bike maps and self-guided rides, attractive prices, and helpful and knowledgeable staff – we make it easy and fun.
For your self-guided ride you can select a high quality hybrid bike, mountain bike, road bike or perhaps an electric bike. Cycleronda’s goal is to buy new bikes every two or three seasons, which means you'll be cycling in comfort, and feel safe using the latest technology that biking has to offer. At Cycleronda our bike rental prices aren't affected by seasonal pricing. And remember, what you see on our site is what you get!

Before you rent a bike have the following 3 important points in mind:

  1. To guarantee a constant high quality we only rent bikes for a minimum of 3 rental days, no matter the model of bike.
  2. Before you reserve a bike, check very well where exactly you book (booked) your accomodation! Not all places are good and comfortable starting points for biking.
  3. We only rent bikes with previous reservation (see bookings form). We have a free ¨delivery and pick up service¨, which means we will deliver bikes at your location to a maximum of 5 km’s from Ronda. Beyond this point there is an extra charge.
Note: in case we are not able to deliver bikes (ej to apartments or some inaccesible off road places in the country side) we will tell you at the moment you reserve the bikes. In that case we can meet at the bike friendly hotel San Francisco in Ronda at the preferred time you filled in on the form.


Of course many people have made a bike trip. But, who hasn’t left their pedals ones on the kitchen table, or you found all your gear, but aparently your gloves where still hanging on your bike in the garage?

Therefore we have made a short ¨Checklist¨ to remember all these, especially small, bike stuff. All other gear can be bought in Ronda of course, like sun cream, water and so on.

  1. Helmet.
  2. Glasses.
  3. Under/swet shirt (cold season).
  4. Gloves (long fingers in cold season).
  5. Bib short or long pants (seasonal).
  6. Wind stopper (even handy in spring).
  7. Water bottles (good storage for socks!).
  8. GPS device and holder! (take of your own bike).
  9. Shoes and pedals (pedals fit perfectly in your shoes).
  10. Multitool if you’re used to your own … (but please don’t carry in your hand luggage!!!).
  11. Own sadlle (only if you really need your own).

Would you like to train for any competition or simply ride the lightest bike? If this sounds appealing then hire one of our professional road bikes with the latest lightweight specs.

Road Bikes

If you prefer to take it easier but also enjoy a little exercise and fresh air from the great outdoors, then why not renting a hybrid rental bike. This lady or gents trekking model...

Hybrid/Leisure Bikes

The market for hiring out Electric bikes is becoming greater. With this need on the increase in Andalusia, Cycleronda wanted to be an innovative bike rental company. With...

Electric Bikes

Type of cyclist you are

Whether you're a cycling tourist or a professional, Cycleronda can offer cycling holidays for every level and type of cyclist. Our aim is to assist you with all of cycling needs to make your cycling holiday the best that it can be.

Although we have described later on the various types of cyclists we normally organise rides for, this doesn’t mean you can’t cycle with us. If you feel that you don’t see yourself in one of the mentioned categories, we are flexible and we can always customise bike routes and maps specific to your needs.
But also if you require a Custom Tour for a small group for example, we can help finding the nicest routes and best places to see.

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How to book

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Be sure you choose the right model. All four pictures show real images of our bikes.



Whether you only want to hire a bike or also require other services, check these accessories.



With this information we can guarantee the best service.


These are all accessories we offer. Most of them are already included in your bike rental, but some are optional as many cyclists like to bring their own. So there is no need to bring any wrench or tool, so it can’t be taken of you at customs when travelling by plane!

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