Professional Cycling Routes

This set of routes have been especially designed and selected for the cyclist who easily cycle up to 90/100 kilometres per day in mountainous areas.

The majority of our professional cycling routes they lay to the North and West of Ronda, and in fact the rides are far easier than to the South-Southwest as they´re tougher and more gruelling.

When you start a pro cycling route in Ronda most of the time you will make loops. We only have a few routes where you can cycle one way, and you can return by train with your bike. This is free and when you buy a ticket you’ll only have to mention you carry a bike with you.

We try to give all routes names and chapters, which makes it easy to connect the routes to extend a ride. For example it’s possible to cycle the first 30 or 40 kilometres and then add another 50km if you wish from another chapter, but there’s also the option to return to Ronda.

As a professional cyclist your options are always open, as you can make your own route constructions and choose the right amount of kilometres for your professional cycling adventure.

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