Type of Cyclist you are


Individual rides tend to be our most popular cycling category, as most of our cyclists just need a rental bike and a map, to start their cycling adventure. Most riders prefer to take their time and enjoy the tour but also like to do some exercise. Cycleronda not only prepares bicycle routes, and the bikes, but we can also arrange luggage transfers to other hotels in case your doing a round trip.

Even if you've already planned your cycling trip way before you contact us, and need a few suggestions on routes or accommodation, feel free to email us. Most of our individual riders like to choose day tours between 30 and 70 kilometres, and these too can be customised with route descriptions.

Pro Cyclists

This is for the more advanced cyclist, who's goal is to train for any competition, or who has the ¨need to make¨ kilometres. Mostly professional cyclists prefer to cycle in groups, but it’s also possible to do these rides individually. For this type of cyclist we have prepared an extensive range of routes, that will take you out to first-rate places. These routes are designed for this type of cyclist as it's possible to increase distances and the degree of difficulty of the ride. On these routes it's possible to climb between 1500 and 2500 high metres on routes 80 km or longer.


Do you prefer to cycle with a group, because you feel safer or simply because it’s more fun? If so, then why not come with your cycling club or group of friends to the Serrania de Ronda. If this isn't possible, but wou would still like to ride in a group you can always ask us if you can join an existing group or local cycling club. Apart from this, we can also arrange guided tours, but in this case we need to know way ahead of time in order to organise a group ride, as these groups only leave when there are sufficient riders on specific dates.

Custom Tours

Maybe your an individual rider or a member of a group, who wants us to ¨design" your very own cycling tour. Of course a custom program can be designed to suit, as we have extensive knowledge of the area, bikes and accommodation that is available. Although we can’t arrange accommodation as we are not a booking agency, we can recommend comfortable places to stay.