Summer has started

Dear Cyclists,

While temperatures rise all around Europe everybody is getting there bikes ready again for the summer!

Although we have just had a very dry and hot period in the South of Spain,, suddenly temperatures dropped and we cycle again later in the morning. Has this to do with the ¨global warming¨?

Sunflowers along the road look at us with their shiny ¨faces¨ and the fields have colored yellow-brownish again….
And although summer here is quite hot, the mornings are fresh and nice to start your cycle trip, but just be aware you’re back at noon. Then in the afternoon you can relax in a pool or closeby lake (Zahara has a beautiful one).

Once Andalusia reaches August, days are getting shorter and nights longer and fresher, so you can already cycle more hours during the morning!
Then, in September the first rain of late summer starts to fall and you can already see fields changing colors. This period will last at least till the end of November, so don’t worry there is time enough to plan your cycling holiday.  

Cycleronda has been prepaing new bikes over the last few weeks, so when you feel ready to book yours, just fill out the form on this website.

Have a great summer, and remember to cycle safely.

Ferry Staleman, Cycleronda.