Welcome on this new website

Dear Cyclists, Welcome on this new website and of course a very Happy New Cycling Year!

New on this site is this Blog, in which I will tell you (major) changes, events and bikers news coming up.

Now, as a good start and a big change in the New Year; Cycleronda hasn’t got a shop anymore! Why would that be a good start you might wonder?

Well, as the last year 8 out of 10 cyclist asked for a drop off in or around Ronda. It’s a much quicker, easier and more comfortable way to meet the needs of all cyclists.

With this new (and free!)* drop off and pick up service, cyclists don’t need to park anymore in front of the shop, read in the street on a no parking yellow line, to load or offload their bikes. On the other hand they also don’t need to bring all their Cycle Gear to a shop (it’s not only a small helmet we need as cyclists…).

Simply wait for the bikes to arrive now at your doorstep, maybe fit a pair of pedals, ajust the saddle height and that’s it.

Of course, I’ll also still hand over a set of maps and explain exactly where to go, to make you comfortable with the area. Also there is still this small city map that so many of you really need to find your way inside Ronda with it’s narrow streets in a big maze. So very necessary for most, and so easy to know how to get out of town as as soon as possible to get on one of the quiet and spectacular rides.

Well, actually nothing really changed then in the end, just that you as a cyclist has to worry less about where and how to pick up your bike.

Hope you all have a very nice season and if you have any doubt or question, we still have the same quick replies via E-mail!


Keep cycling and ¨hasta pronto¨!

Ferry Staleman, Cycleronda.